SAHCO Kvadrat

As of 1st May SAHCO is taken over by Kvadrat, one of the world’s leading design textile companies, based in Ebeltoft, Denmark. Kvadrat’s brand portfolio includes, amongst others, Kinnasand, Danskina and the product line Kvadrat by Raf Simons. Under the new name of SAHCO GmbH the company remains at its location in Nuremberg. From now on a new creative team strengthens the brand SAHCO. Kvadrat appoints Anna Ebbesen and Belgian architect and designer Vincent van Duysen as new creative lead for the product development.



SAHCO 2014 Bruno Triplet

SAHCO has acquired the exclusive rights to the worldwide distribution of the BRUNO TRIPLET textiles collection. BRUNO TRIPLET, the founder and designer of this collection, is working exclusively for SAHCO. The BRUNO TRIPLET collection embodies elegance, charm and exclusivity, with extraordinary textiles based on unique colour worlds. With elegant patterns and rich materials, mainly hand-woven silks, the fabrics embellish interiors in the most wonderful way, creating their own particular harmony without being obtrusive.



SAHCO 2011 Fine Wallcoverings and Fine Rugs

SAHCO extends its product portfolio by adding product lines FINE WALLCOVERINGS and FINE RUGS. Exclusive wallcoverings that set a course and handmade rugs with unique character. The first „ready-made“ cushion collection is launched with HOME COLLECTION 2012. Elaborately handmade cushions create enthusiasm with their special manufacturing and refinement techniques.



SAHCO 2000 New Showrooms

Further showrooms next to the existing ones in New York, Paris, Milan, London and Brussels, are established in Cannes, Düsseldorf and Munich.



SAHCO 1991 Internationalization

SAHCO Hesslein with Lorenzo Rubelli take over Bergamo Fabrics and establish their own showroom in the D & D Building in New York. SAHCO and Rubelli also work together in Dubai, from where they develop the Middle East market. In 1998 the sales expert Christoph Häußler replaces Hans-Herbert Stadt, the managing partner since 1996 in the companies’ management. Mr. Stadt goes into retirement after almost 30 years of successful work.



SAHCO 1985 Ulf Moritz

The successful cooperation with the renowned Amsterdam designer Ulf Moritz begins and continues to this day. The material collection “Ulf Moritz at SAHCO“ has delighted customers all over the world since 1986.



SAHCO 1973 New Headquarters

S.A. Hesslein moves to larger business premises in Nuremberg-Langwasser and gradually enlarges its international distribution network with branches in France, Belgium, England and Italy. The American market is developed at the start of the eighties. The company name S.A. Hesslein & Co. is made international in 1975 as SAHCO Hesslein - originating the worldwide cachet of a well-established innovative textile brand.



SAHCO 1954 Expansion

Ludwig Fleischmann in cooperation with Dr. Georg Grohmann, the Hesslein family lawyer, buy S.A. Hesslein and changes it into a limited partnership: S.A. Hesslein & Co. Hans-Herbert Stadt, owner of a furnishing fabric weaving mill, joins the management as a further personally liable partner in 1969 and later takes over the sole management. The company is also now expanding in overseas markets.



SAHCO 1926 Passage of Time

The successful company rebuilding begins in the first years after the war. Hans Hesslein and his son Paul swiftly develop the wholesale and foreign trade business further. The family immigrates to the United States during the Third Reich. They find on their return, that their business building has been completely destroyed, after an air raid by the Allies in 1945. The estate is rebuilt again and serves as the company headquarters for many years. A long-standing employee, Ludwig Fleischmann, takes over the renewed rebuilding in 1946.



SAHCO 1900 Establishment

S. A. Hesslein Aspecialised in the trading of fine carpets, upholstery fabrics and decorator textiles in the years up to 1900. Silk is ordered from Paris and Lyon, precious Persian carpets come from Vienna and Constantinople. The company location is a typical Nuremberg patrician house that contains the business, warehouse and design department. The company is flourishing when the First World War breaks out in 1914.



SAHCO 1831 Founding Years

Samson Abraham Hesslein founds the Textile Trading Company S. A. Hesslein in Bamberg near Nuremberg on 19 June 1831. He comes from an old textile trading dynasty and continues a long family tradition. In 1863 Samson Abraham Hesslein who from then on called himself Sigmund Hesslein moved the headquarters to more centrally placed Nuremberg. At that time, his son Adolf Hesslein becomes partner of the company S. A. Hesslein & Cie.