The SAHCO RUGS collection stands for exclusive, hand-woven and hand-tufted fashioned carpets. Their craftsmanship, which is unmistakable, lends every individual piece a unique aura. The demanding workmanship of the fine natural materials rests on clear design with distinctive notes.
SAHCO Collection 2018
The word “modern” has always been the synonym for an expansion of perspective. A milestone of these aesthetics was the pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona for the World’s Fair in 1929. White travertine and green marble were the highly elegant substances which showed that simple doesn’t have to be boring. SAHCO COLLECTION TRUE 2018. The approach of the collection TRUE is straightfor-ward and restrained. Softly flowing, high-end decorat-ing fabrics and charismatic upholstery materials show that purism has nothing to do with asceticism. TRUE seeks to open the room, thereby corresponding with our demanding, cosmopolitan, and flexible lifestyle.

Eye candies for any interior: The new HOME COLLECTION expresses the progressive ideas of the fashion world – very individual and full of character.

The main focus is on modern, trendy colours and the interplay of geometric shapes set in a deliberately simplified design language.

The five beautifully hand-crafted cushions play with contrasts and materials. They feature the SAHCO fabrics CUBA, DALSTON, ELLIS and MANHATTAN in new combinations and settings.

A cushion in crocheted wool and the MANHATTAN plaid complete the collection.

Helsinki, London, San Francisco, Melbourne and Barcelona: A journey through the trendiest city districts was the inspiration for a fashionable, diverse collection. With so much expressiveness and excitement, THE VENDEVOORT revitalises not only hotels and hospitality projects, but also private interiors. All fabrics are made from flame-retardant polyester FR or Trevira CS and come in colours ranging from bold hues to subtle shades of soft pastels. This is a collection that is as individual, significant and authentic as the people who are surrounded by it. Welcome to the SAHCO boutique hotel THE VENDEVOORT.
SAHCO Collection 2017
Welcome. Step inside our vision. The SAHCO collection 2017 contains different fabric creations which reflect in one homogenous design language. The new designs and colours disengage from the so far familiar patterns and shades. Particular attention was paid to the contemporary colours and sophisticated designs which are deliberately geometrical or plain coloured.
SAHCO Accessories 2017
The unmistakeable tie-backs and trimmings of SAHCO by Ulf Moritz combine both sophistication and innovation. They embody unusual material combinations, the finest craftsmanship and exquisite look. The 2017 Accessories add accents and harmonise perfectly with the fabrics in the SAHCO collection.
The BE ONE Collection by SAHCO features a wide variety of colours and paramount quality standards. The collection incorporate current and future trends and redefine the hospitality sector in terms of design, material and touch.