The SAHCO hospitality sector will be extended by the textile collection PANAMA. Upholstery and decoration fabrics inpiered by traditional influences, interpreted in a modern way.

History, a touch of nostalgia and the here and now are combined in a pulsating mix. Central America was the inspiration for the concept of this collection PANAMA.

Panama does not only unite the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, but its capital also combines modern architecture with old colonial style buildings. Bold sky scrapers harmonize with traditional architecture dominated by colour and charmingly adorned balcony railings. A myriad of small islands and the rain forest with abundant foliage plants create a tropical-Caribbean oasis which could hardly be more diverse.

The combination of the traditional, the plain lines but also the modern materials form a very enthralling and appealing mix – captured by the fabrics in Collection PANAMA. The six fabrics made of Trevira CS and polyester FR display a strong appearance with an international attitude. They are perfectly suitable for commercial interiors and have excellent care properties.

A collection as multifaceted, as outspoken and cosmopolitan as Panama City.
SAHCO is going to launch another HOME COLLECTION in Autumn 2018, consisting of six handmade cushions in natural urban materials.

Nonchalance and great attention to detail: The new SAHCO HOME COLLECTION inspires with its original charm, sophisticated colours and myriad of nifty details. Emphasis is put on natural materials, unique structures and a great haptic experience.

The six cushions of a multifaceted appearance enthral with a natural character, exquisite workmanship and surprisingly subtle details. The fabrics ARTISAN, COCO, MOOD, PROOF, SENSE and SEQUENCE are recombined and showcased – selected with an assured sense of style and intricately hand made.

The new HOME COLLECTION impresses with its enthralling material combinations. The cushions present themselves in a charismatic and natural way; with reserved beauty and of timeless elegance – cosmopolitan in compliance with a flexible lifestyle.


With the Collection 2018 SAHCO is launching fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs for the highest demand of a modern lifestyle.

COLLECTION TRUE − a timeless and clear-cut collection. Unpretentious, casual, natural.
The word “modern” has always been the synonym for an expansion of perspective. A milestone of these aesthetics was the pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona for the World’s Fair in 1929. White travertine and green marble were the highly elegant substances which showed that simple doesn’t havto be boring.

Van der Rohes’s famous quotation “Less is more” was the inspiration for this collection, which transforms players which would otherwise play subordinate roles into protagonists. The basics consist of materials such as linen and wool, and form a carefully thought-out unity with highlights. Their colours confer a pleasant ease to any interior, and abstract motifs are designed with an eye for contemplation.

The central focus of this collection is on harmony produced by the good proportions, the contrasts between monochromatic surfaces and the abstract designs which stimulate. The elegance for which SAHCO stands comes about by the interplay between the texture of its basic materials and the dynamic of its highlights. The approach of the collection TRUE is straightforward and restrained. Softly flowing, high-end decorating fabrics and charismatic upholstery materials show that purism has nothing to do with asceticism. TRUE seeks to open the room, thereby corresponding with our demanding, cosmopolitan, and flexible lifestyle.

ULF MORITZ − Jewels of textile arts and precious materials Four extraordinary creations are reminiscent of the high school of the Parisian couturiers, which stood for craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Ulf Moritz has likewise decided to use linen, silk, and wool for his creations. Dreamy and feminine, these materials enchant all in their own way, and attract their observers into the colour and conceptual world of the Parisian catwalk.

WALLCOVERINGS HORIZONS − modern aesthetics with the view to the extraordinary
The name of the new SAHCO HORIZONS wallpaper collection is an expression which metaphorically opens up new realms and generates new points of view and special perspectives. Traditional handicraft merges with natural raw materials as lotus via the most modern technology and with new colouring. Each of these wallpapers captivates with a unique aura and refined material composition. With subtle textures and surfaces, HORIZONS interprets the modern aesthetic with an eye for the unique and lends a very special radiance to any room.

RUGS − the natural expression of style The SAHCO RUGS line stands for exclusive, hand-woven and hand-tufted fashioned carpets. Their craftsmanship, which is unmistakable, lends uniqueness. Noble natural materials such as wool, cotton and linen create carpets with a clear-cut design and an unmistakable touch. Every single piece capsomething unique and is manufactured in elaborate handcraft.


Ulf Moritz is one of the most innovative fabric designers and one of the most important designers of his sector at the same time. Under the aspect of innovation in materials, Neues Museum in Nuremberg now dedicates an exhibition to the artist and presents extraordinary fabric designs from the past three decades out of his wide source of creative work.

The continuous change is the most remarkable part of his textile work, his way of dealing with material in particular: from copper wire to horsehair, from burnout fabrics to laser cut fabrics – his combinations of technical refinement and novel material usage, create textiles of great effect and liveliness. Haptics, but also elegance and opulence as well as perfection and originality form the whole work of Ulf Moritz, which not only includes fabrics and tie-backs, but also rugs, wallpapers, interior design and architectural projects. “I do not want to create new experiences from the haptics point of view only. I keep the atmosphere in mind, I visualize the room.” says Ulf Moritz.

The cooperation with SAHCO began in 1985. To this day, the extravagant fabric creations cause surprise. The cosmopolitan, who is resident in Amsterdam, but at home all over the world, does not set limits to his creativity. The secret of his skills lies in the ability to keep the balance. His fabrics are full of poetry and fascinating breaks. The secret of his skills lies in the ability to keep the balance. His fabrics are full of poetry and fascinating breaks. They go far beyond the pure decorative aspect.

Ulf Moritz has studied at the university Krefelder Textilingenieurschule under Professor Georg Muche, the painter and former manager of the weaving mill at Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. The unique creations of Ulf Moritz can be found at the collections of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York and the Textiel Museum in Tilburg. Furthermore, he has received numerous awards and international prizes, e.g. the British “Honorary Royal Designer for Industry“.

The exhibition can be seen until the 1st November, 2017.
Neues Museum, Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design, Klarissenplatz, 90402 Nuremberg, Germany


Eye candies for any interior: The new HOME COLLECTION expresses the progressive ideas of the fashion world – very individual and full of character.

The main focus is on modern, trendy colours and the interplay of geometric shapes set in a deliberately simplified design language.

The five beautifully hand-crafted cushions play with contrasts and materials. They feature the SAHCO fabrics CUBA, DALSTON, ELLIS and MANHATTAN in new combinations and settings. A cushion in crocheted wool and the MANHATTAN plaid complete the collection.

The new HOME COLLECTION combines exciting, versatile fabric structures and dazzlingly clear colours in five themed worlds: BLACK+WHITE, AQUA+MANDARINE, BLUE+POWDER, GREEN+PURPLE and SUNNY+PINK.


Helsinki, London, San Francisco, Melbourne and Barcelona: A journey through the trendiest city districts was the inspiration for a fashionable, diverse collection.

With so much expressiveness and excitement, THE VENDEVOORT revitalises not only hotels and hospitality projects, but also private interiors. All fabrics are made from flame-retardant polyester FR or Trevira CS and come in colours ranging from bold hues to subtle shades of soft pastels. This is a collection that is as individual, significant and authentic as the people who are surrounded by it. Welcome to the SAHCO boutique hotel THE VENDEVOORT.


The SAHCO Collection 2017 - embodiment and intricacy translated with enchanting simplicity.

Textures and colours inspired by nature. The beauty and the rich diversity of selected islands of this world are the inspiration for the SAHCO Collection 2017, presenting itself as a great ensemble.

The main aspects are modern, trendy colours and geometric shapes combined with a deliberately simplified design language. The new textiles feature exciting, versatile textures and scintillate with a clear colour palette. Each fabric stands out and shines by itself. Suspense is created by the combination of materials and textures. Course-textured flat woven fabrics harmonise perfectly with classy velvets as well as with fine sheers. The hand-picked selection of fabrics allows for individual design options.

The room as an island; self-contained in its beauty; however: personality, character and individuality only emerge from the interplay of colours, shapes and textures. The SAHCO Collection 2017 creates a lifestyle and is an invitation to travel – with style and relaxed nonchalance.

PRINTEMPES − this year’s Ulf Moritz Collection features pastel tones, demonstrating that this light colour palette is the kind of thing for avant-gardists. Along with the new colourways, the spotlight is on unusual fabric blends: bast and lurex woven into an upholstery fabric, unusual all-over patterns and colour gradients with metallic effects. Subtle, technical double fabrics with bouclé ribbons merge together naturally; so refreshingly different and yet typically Ulf Moritz.

These are complemented by new accessories. Unmistakable tie-backs and trimmings unite the finest craftsmanship and an exquisite look. The design language of this collection is extravagant, contemporary and interpreted in a very contemporary way. As formal as it is colourful, and as simple as it is elegant, the sophistication is entirely captivating. Every single piece is an ornament with beautiful features.


The SAHCO Collection 2016 makes clear statements at various levels and uses a fresh, linear approach to create a new look.

Alongside the classic yet modern fabrics in the EDIZIONE CLASSICA, new PREMIUM BASICS have been added to the upholstery fabrics which dazzle with their wide range of colours and natural appeal.

With its restrained aesthetics and new self-confidence, the SLOW DESIGN theme is reflecting a current trend in interiors: a reduction in superficiality combined with the desire for authenticity and character can be clearly seen and felt here.

The textiles created by Ulf Moritz feature special structures and surfaces in fabrics with unusual materials, exciting us with their innovative techniques and exclusive finish.

There are also innovations in FINE WALLCOVERINGS. Two wallpapers as elegant faux unis add subtle accents or a touch of pure understatement.

The expansion of the FINE RUGS Collection continues, with 12 new designs that set new standards of colour and quality – knotted, woven or tufted by hand and available in any of 10 additional shades.

Even though each collection can stand on its own and has its own hallmarks, there is still something that unites all these innovations: elegant designs and superb quality. These are fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs that are truly something special, that have substance and quality – both today and tomorrow.